With nearly ten years as a fabric resident to his name, and nine appearances at Panorama Bar in 2017 alone, Cormac has firmly established himself as one of dance music’s best kept secrets. Of course, let us not rely on statistics. Like any passionate DJ worth hearing, whether playing in the world’s finest clubs or within the confines of their bedroom, Cormac simply plays records because he has to. Since he began collecting music as a teenager near Belfast, his journey has been singularly driven by the discovery of amazing sounds and his humble role in the constantly renewed potential for dancefloor transcendence.

Initially trading in an all-too-quiet rural Irish life for the hedonism and high times of a very different London in the early 00s, Cormac was a regular dancer at zeitgeist defining institutions such as Trash, Nag Nag Nag and Bugged Out. Naturally progressing as a DJ in line with a rapidly expanding collection, Cormac’s shelves of records garner new additions weekly, in small part thanks to his role selling vinyl in London based Phonica Records’ boutique Berlin outlet. Even after twenty years, the discovery of vital new music is a persistent, natural thrill.

Cormac’s signature sound – charismatic house recalling optimistic Chicago roots, rich and rhythmic techno, Italo and emotional disco – provided a refreshing counterpoint to the divisive front of electroclash, just as today, his charismatic selections soar above a chorus of purely functional house and techno.

Often running up to ten-hours in length, Cormac’s closing sessions at Panorama Bar have slowly become a thing of legend within the crowded culture around the club. A delight for those still standing when the morning light pours in, and a challenge to the DJ, he nonetheless continues to impress at his increasingly regular Berlin haunt, relying on charm, personality and pure musical knowledge to create a distinctive atmosphere amid a melee of DJs out to impress.

Cormac’s excursions into productions are less frequent, yet always fruitful. He produced a word-of-mouth cult hit in Hypnotise/Feel, instantly beloved and rinsed by tastemaking DJs such as Nina Kraviz, having previously conjured a timeless afterhours classic with the suitably melancholy atmosphere of the wistful ‘Narcosa’. His first collaboration with friend and Ostgut associated techno-magnate Tobias, ‘Static’, released as a limited edition seven-inch in 2015 is a deep, sophisticated listen. He’s also recently remixed for Jennifer Cardini’s ‘Correspondant’ label, as well as delivering podcasts for some of contemporary dance music’s best-loved institutions, including ZeeZout, and Feel My Bicep. He is a repeated booking at the notorious Sleepless Floor stage at Melt Festival, Blitz Club Munich and Her Damit festival.