Al Kassian and Hiroaki OBA are Opal Sunn. Their ever-expanding love for machines in combination with a free spirited and boundless approach to music production were the sowing seeds of what was to become a double EP for their own imprint, Planet Sundae, released between 2016-2017. Their debut record, split into Parts 1 & 2, showcases a sensitive approach to dance music, ignoring basic arrangement formulae, and working with multiple layers to create intricate and highly empathetic musical landscapes. While staying away from trends, the pair have firmly found their position in the current climate, and have formed themselves a cult following. Their young portfolio has gained stamps of approval from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, DJ Sprinkles, Nick Höppner, and many artists alike.

Their live sets are often seen as a blurred reflection of their studio production, as they program energetic percussion and sequence travelling acid basslines, while flooding the space with warm expansive polyphonic chords and textures with plenty of delays and FX. In between the dazzling replication of their studio productions, they often take a turn into an uncharted territory with improvisational material, which often comes back around into their studio practice.