Klasse Recordings


Klasse Recordings is a Berlin based record label that specializes in House and Techno music. As a record label Klasse acknowledges and develops the ideas between racing, electronic music and the ‘man vs machine’ relationship. The concept of artist and founder Luca Lozano, Klasse holds up the classic spoked wheel design of a racing bike as a symbol of strength and unity which contrasts with the disposable doses of instant gratification found on electronic music blogs and in so many discotheques that they have encountered on their travels.

Located within, but not constricted by, the genres of modern house and techno, Klasse aims to evoke the depth and narrative of themes such as travel, movement and repetition. Calling on influences and inspiration such as golden era hip hop, dusty crate-digging samples and groove-laden hooks, Klasse calls on the familiar past and pairs with modern techniques, creating a unique and refreshing sound.

Klasse releases on both digital and vinyl formats, aside to this Klasse also runs the ‘Klasse Quick Fix’ which is a series of free music downloads that themes itself with bootlegs, re-edits and general tracks that may not be seeing light of day via a traditional release.