KLS Bookings is delighted to welcome Johannes Albert (Frank Music) to the roster!

Up until recently Johannes Albert spent his weekends travelling through the German countryside. At his side will always be a bag of records guaranteed to make the club that is his destination go off that that night. Increasingly he finds himself in the air over Europe, Asia and beyond as word of his DJ reputation spreads. This should come as no surprise given the killer combination of running two of his own labels, dropping 12s on imprints such as White and Retreat, the multiple well loved online mixes to his name and a host of genre spanning alias and side projects.

Since moving to Berlin, Johannes has found kindred spirits with the crew of residents from the notorious party hotspot Renate. Now an official resident not just in Berlin but with the club’s growing list of international parties, he finds himself moving floors globally. With the anything goes, super fun approach to their parties, this is a perfect home base for him to explore his multiple influences. With this in mind you can be sure he is packing a box of fully road tested tricks for his next club adventure.

Check him out here